X9-K9 Limited Specalist Training Courses

Training Courses with the industrys leading professionals

Training Courses

Dog and handler training to both the Public and Private Security Sector

Training to the highest possible standard, we continually assess our methodology, techniques and technology to offer you the very best service and results.

Courses are held over varying periods within our training areas and tailor made to individual agency requirements - dependent on the specific requirements of the handler and dog team.

A target based company, our standards are extremely high, ensuring that only handlers who display the requisite abilities will pass; however, this does mean that inexperienced handlers are offered valuable opportunities for help and guidance in training and handling from people who teach and develop individual skills for team operational deployment.

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Dual Purpose Dogs: (7-12 weeks)

The dogs are trained in specified techniques for both property and person searches.

Pro-Active Dogs (6- 8 weeks)

The dogs are trained in specific techniques for property and other specified search techniques, such as vehicle searches.

Passive/Scanning Dogs

The dogs are specifically trained to search people for substances within several given environments.

Multi Scent Dogs

The dogs will search and identify the following scents and scent combinations:

  • Drugs
  • Drugs and cash
  • Drug/cash and small arms
  • Drug and small arms
  • Cash and small arms

Re-teaming (2- 4 weeks)

We offer a re-teaming course for those agencies that require their handlers and dogs re-teamed for operational deployment, allowing both dog and handler to find their operational work level under training and operational conditions.

Vehicle Search (VS) (6 – 8 weeks)

This course allows the dog and handler the ability to search and detect substances with any given vehicle.

Arms and Explosives (12 – 16 weeks)

This course is designed for those handlers who require the complete skill package to gain operational knowledge of AES dogs search techniques, which includes routes and VS.

Operational Staff Training (1 day)

This course is designed for those organisations that require their staff trained in awareness of suspect package management and who will be required to secure an environment effectively and efficiently prior to deployment of a dog search team.

Search Dog Awareness (2 days)

This course is designed for those agencies that require a vetting/training process of staff and/or staff/persons that require knowledge of detection dogs, clearances and what is required from a dog and handler within the search field.

The course covers a basic knowledge and ability assessment, which gives an insight into the operational dog field and what would be required from any potential handler or dog support staff.

All our courses are tailored for specific UK or international agency requirements, with individual needs catered for at every stage. Our after-sales care offers peace of mind, covering any issues that may occur once a new handler completes one of our programmes.

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