X9K9, Licensed and Insured Security / Protection Dogs

X9K9, Licensed and Insured Security / Protection Dogs

Security / Guard Dogs:

Security Dog Solutions

VIPs, high profile events, construction sites, film/tv sets, recycling centres, just to list a number of areas we are available for deployment. 

Trained to the highest standards of operational protection and for deployment specifically in your areas, we provide dogs and handlers solely for the purpose of high profile and high value guarding.

Our ability to deploy on a minimum notice, short-term basis anywhere in the UK means that our dog teams are used by a number of blue chip companies, public and private events and alongside existing security providers.

Our 360º service – the complete package.

Fully equipped operational vehicles with some of the most up to date equipment to protect both dog and handler. Our  security/protection teams can be used in conjunction with your current security or alongside any of our other services. As backup or part of the main operational deployment, we offer you a 360º detection and protection service second to none.

On arrival at any deployment, you can be sure that all our dogs and handlers will offer a complete and professional service for the duration of the operational order.

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