X9-K9 Limited Specialists in Security and Detection Dogs

High standards, with minimum notice, we offer all our clients a high degree of professionalism,
commitment, quality of dogs and handlers for all the services we provide.

Welcome to X9K9

UK specialists in security dog solutions, these include guard dog teams & detection dog teams. We offer a highly professional approach and proven results with a range of services tailored for both the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas. 

X9-k9 were established in 2010 after a working relationship spanning over a decade and a wealth of experience combined of 30 years in the industry by the managment team.

Quality and professionalism

All X9K9's dogs and handlers undergo licencing from independent ACPO instructors as well as NTIPDU,NASDU or BIPDT examiners. The quality and professionalism of our protection and detection dogs and handlers remains at the forefront of our commitment to all our clients and ensures a complete, second to none service you will find hard to beat.

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